Cooking Fever Cheats: Jump Start Your Eatery Career Effortlessly

cooking fever cheatsCooking fever cheats can be that delicate thin line between failing and succeeding as a prominent eatery owner. Utilized the rightly, it can propel you ahead of other players. Sadly, most people spend little to no time to uncover cheats for cooking fever. Hopefully, this article has found you in the right time. It is also hoped that it will inculcate into you the habit of constantly being on the lookout for these rare gems.

The guide is designed to help you get started with the game as a professional. To achieve the specified goal, we have assembled and summarized some useful tips. These tips constitute some of the best practices in the cooking game. we hope that you will find some nuggets within.

Cooking Fever Cheats: Getting Started

In this section of our mobile game guide, we review some proven cooking fever cheats. We also highlight the benefits you stand to gain from each of the implemented tweaks. So, don’t go nowhere. Stick around to the end and it will be well worth your time.

Now that we have got your 100% attention, let’s get started with the cheats.

Equip Your Eatery to Standard

Remember that your ultimate goal in the game is preventing customers from leaving without being served. From our experience playing the mobile game for a reasonable time, you won’t get far without a standard eatery. Customers will become impatient and leave the moment their orders are delayed a second.

But with the standard eatery cooking fever cheats, all that potential business havoc can be turned around. The trick is to provide your customers with things to engage themselves while their orders are being process.

Interestingly, you don’t have to think too much to come up with ideas on how to keep them busy, occupied and engaged. On sure way to achieve the desired result is the standard of your restaurant. Are the necessary equipment present in your restaurant? Do you have chairs, tables, and a working sound system inside your restaurant? If the answer is a ‘no’, then its time you should have a rethink.

You definitely should consider giving your customer a comfortable place to sit and wait while their orders are processed. More importantly is ensuring that while they wait, they are being entertained. This single practice alone will drastically reduce the frequency of customers leaving without being served.

Upgrade Your Coffee Maker

From experience gained solely from playing the game over time, coffee receives more orders than other items. Eighty percent of customers that stop by ask for coffee. Now, it won’t be good for business when your stock of coffee is low.

Not only will sales drop, profit will also drop as well. But more importantly, you will have tons of unsatisfied customers. Upgrading to three (maximum allowed) coffee makers is one sure way of fixing the coffee-supply shortage in your eatery.

At all times, you will have three cups of coffee available and ready to be served to your customers. And as to be expected, sales will rise, and profits will increase as well. Now, that’s what is called a ‘win-win’ situation; your customers get their orders and you receive money in return.


Now, it’s over to you. But we have no doubt in the possibilities of you exceling in your restaurant business. Evidently, your cafeteria will experience an exponential growth; thanks to the discussed cooking fever cheats.