Coin Master Strategy that Yield Instant Results

Coin Master Strategy

coin master strategyIf you have been playing coin master for a while, then you obviously understand the importance of having a sound Coin Master strategy. A good strategy in the game will enable you to get ahead of your opponents effortlessly. However, it is difficult to formulate and adhere to one when you are a newbie and clueless to the whole matter.

Thankfully, this coin master tutorial found you at the right time. By the time you are done reading the guide, you will become more experienced. Experience enough to learn to formulate strategies that will get you ahead of the competition. So, let’s waste no further time. Let’s jump right into the business of the day and get you started on your first strategy.

Coin Master Strategy: Getting Started

The following are some basic but essential strategies that will get up and going in the Coin Master game. These strategies, when combined with working coin master hack, like coin master free spins could prove very powerful.

Leave No Coins Behind

Leve no coin behind is a very simple yet effective strategy for Coin Master. The strategy is in place to help protect your coins and other important resources from being raided by other players. We understand that shields can protect your village against external attacks. However, and unfortunately, shields can protect your resources from being raided by other players.

To that end, executing the ‘leave no coin behind’ strategy protects your resources from external raids. Before logging out of the game and going offline, make sure to use up all available coins in your arsenal. That way, your opponents will have nothing to feast on when they come knocking. For surely, they will come knocking.

Have Your Shield On

In the Coin Master Android game, one sure way of protecting your clan against attack is by having your shield on. External attacks are neutralized when your shield is activated. So, yes, it helps to have shield active whenever possible.

Unfortunately, there is a limit to the maximum number of shields you can have. That maximum number is three. Once you have collected three shields from the wheel of fortune, you can no more add to your shields. Another bad news with shields is that they get weaker with every attack. Meaning that continuous attack attempt at your clan will leave your village vulnerable.

Don’t Stay Too Long Away

The danger of staying too long away from your coin master game is that your village will become vulnerable. And when that happens, your coins and hidden treasures will be carted away by your rivals.

Yes, you could argue that there are shields activated to protect your town. While that remains a valid point, the big question is; how long will the shield remain active? Don’t forget the fact that with each attack attempts, they get weakened. If that be the case, then, it is only a matter of time before your town is left naked and exposed. Naked and exposed to the external attacks of other players.

So, to ensure that your village is always protected, avoid staying too long away. Endeavor to always login occasionally to confirm that the shields are still active.

Take Advantage of the Free Daily Spins

For those of you that have on the game for a while, you obviously know that players are entitled to one free spin per day. Although some could argue that one free spin is not enough, the fact remains that it adds to our resources. Remember that every coin count in our quest to build a better and stronger clan. So, start taking advantage of the free daily spins by logging into your coin master account daily.

Double the Stacks

By default, your rewards are not doubled or tripled. But that does not mean that you can double and even triple them. You certainly can double them to the tune of times 80.

Wait! There is a catch.

By doubling the stacks, your number of used spins is equivalent to the raised power of you’re the doubled stack. That means that raising the stacks to 5, 5 spins will be deducted every time you perform a single spin. But the good thing is your rewards are doubled. Imagine landing on a free spin outcome, that would mean a whopping 50 free spins added to your account.

Now you have gotten the picture.

You can apply and adjust the stacks accordingly. However, you should pay attention to your available spin opportunity. Don’t stack too high when your available spins are low. High stacks are suitable when your available spins are relatively higher.


Congratulations on making it to the end of the coin master guide. We do hope that you have to learn a couple of strategies for the Coins Master game. Hopefully, the strategies learned when applied will boost your overall Coin Master gaming experience.

Are there some strategies that we have missed? If so, please use the comment section to share with us.